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Indie Filmmaking – film production rental houses

“After wandering around at how small productions are being made I noticed a few things. Let’s start with rentals…. Small productions using large production houses, what a waste of money. The large production houses have mystified film-making and people believe that you need all the large film equipment to make a film, or music video. To me, it’s laughable. Using video allows for lighter, more versatile equipment, that you can move around with.

The thing is, the large production houses have film gear, not video gear, so they push film gear. not video gear. example, I saw on a music video a film tripod, that could hold 80 lbs or more, with a p200 video camera on it. talk about overkill. The tripod was useless,  the camera operator couldn’t use it.”

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The “Script Breakdown and Film Scheduling Online Course for Independent Filmmakers” is a 137 page pdf manual (with 16 audio recordings and 5 training videos) that takes you, step-by-step, through the proper process of breaking down a script and creating a realistic film shooting schedule.

This course is not just for Assistant Directors or Production Managers. It’s also for Directors, Producers and other filmmakers who want to have insider industry knowledge of the day-to-day activities that happen during the pre-production stage of any independent feature film or television series.


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  • Video Product Rental June 28, 2009, 11:30 PM

    Rental is really a good idea to engage with if you have activities that requires use of some equipment for just a short period of time. Just like the making of music videos and the like.