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Can you run a set better without a (bad) Director – as long as you have a (good) First Assistant Director?

What’s that old expression… “Timing is everything?”

Here’s an excerpt from an interview Natalie Portman gave at the Tribeca Film Festival promoting her new behind-the-scenes filmmaking site.

“Pretty much everyone’s role on a film is indispensable — hundreds of people,” Portman told a packed house of media, filmmakers, and not a few heartsick admirers.

“Like without a first [assistant director.] Without a good first AD? Your movie falls to pieces. And those are people who never, ever, ever get interviewed anywhere. And they make the movie. I feel like you could probably run a set better with a good first AD and no director than a good director and no AD.

There are people like that who you never hear from, and we want people to have an idea about who these people are if they’re interested in filmmaking.”

I have never really thought about this way, but I have certainly worked with a few directors who “fell apart” on set and the crew had to finish the movie for them.

In my new 137 page course, “Script Breakdown and Film Scheduling Online Course For Independent Filmmakers,” I wrote a few sections that will help Assistant Directors better understand the directing process as well as tips on how to block a scene with actors:

7. The Duties and Responsibilities of the Director (pg. 25)
8. The Director as Storyteller (pg. 28)
9. The 3 Types of Director (pg. 28)
34. The 5 Groups of On-Camera Performers (pg. 101)
35. The 4 Types of Actors (pg. 103)
37. Understanding Traditional Camera Techniques (pg. 111)
38. The Director’s Shot List (pg. 113)
39. Concepts of Blocking and Staging a Scene (pg. 114)
40. The 5 Stages of Blocking a Scene (pg. 117)
41. 6 Blocking Tips for Assistant Directors (pg. 118)
42. The 180 Degree Rule (pg. 119)
43. Understanding the Film Editing Process (pg. 119)

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