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The Two Kinds of Movement Between Characters

The study of movement psychology found that ‘movement’ is controlled by deeper emotions. This means that ‘attitude and emotion can change movement’ as well as ‘movement can change emotion and attitude.’

In filmmaking terms, this takes us back to Newton’s Law of Motion, which translates into “a character must be MOTIVATED before they will take action.” MOTIVATED being the key word!

There are two kinds of movement between characters: ‘toward or away’ and ‘moving or still’

1. Toward or Away – when you change the space between characters, you indicate a change in the relationship

a. if a character walks toward another character, that could indicate anger

b. if a character walks away from another character, that could indicate fear

2. Moving or Still – character movement is also a way of expressing opposition and resistance

a. moving characters create lots of energy (it is dynamic)

b. still characters create less energy (they are peaceful)

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