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John Ford Country – “Stagecoach” 70th Anniversary

This article is from In From the Cold.

“As Leo Grin of National Review reminds us, today marks an important anniversary in the history of the American cinema. Seventy years ago, on March 1, 1939, director John Ford released Stagecoach, arguably the greatest western ever made, and one of the most celebrated films of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Stagecoach represented a number of milestones, both for the director and the film industry. It was Ford’s first western “talkie;” it was the first movie the director filmed amid the stunning vistas of Monument Valley, a location that John Ford would use again (and again) during his long career. And perhaps most importantly, Stagecoach marked the feature debut of John Wayne, after nearly a decade as a B movie performer and singing cowboy.” Read rest of article.


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