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What can a Commercial Production Company Do for You?

The Commercial Director
by Tony Johns

Ok, so you’ve been to film school. Maybe you’ve shot a few spec commercials and music clips and slowly you’ve built up a show reel. You now you feel you are experienced enough to earn a living from your directing skills. However, before anybody will take you seriously (and give you heaps of money to make TV commercials and music promos, etc) it helps to have a production company behind you.

What does a production company do for you? It is up to the production company to promote you and to find you work. They will outlay the costs on show reels and advertising, etc and basically look after your interests ­ they are your agent. Some, not all, will have you sign a contract that will bind you to the company. The reason being, you won’t be able to go off and join the opposition.

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