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Media-Morphosis: How the Internet Will Devour, Transform, or Destroy Your Favorite Medium

This article is from Internet Evolution.

“Big-budget movies (BBMs) require a lot of capital and rely on studios controlling the rate and nature of distribution of the finished product. If you’re going to recoup your $300 million box-office turd, you need to move a hell of a lot of DVDs, TV licenses, foreign exhibition, Happy Meal toys, and assorted “secondary” revenues.

Let’s be realistic here: Nothing anyone does is going to make it harder to get movies when you want them, where you want them, and at whatever price you feel you should pay for them (including free). And the harder you crack down on Internet movie-downloading, the more attractive you make buying pirate DVDs from criminals on the street — a virtually zero-risk transaction that directly displaces DVD purchases.” Read rest of article.


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