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Instant Download: 10-Day Online Film Directing Audio Course (no CD’s – no DVD’s – no Shipping!)

2009 Version of “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” 3-Day Sale (Instant Download – No CD’s – No DVD’s – No Shipping!)

This special update is to let you know that the 2009 version of “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is now on sale for three days only: from Tuesday, February 17 to Thursday, February 19.

The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” is a multimedia, online audio course (no CD’s, no DVD’s, no shipping) where you get instant access to hundred’s of filmmaking tips, techniques and tools designed to help you become a successful, working film and television director.

“Thanks so much for creating the Audio Seminar, and for keeping it up to date. This has to be the most comprehensive hub of knowledge on the subject one has ever put together. You have done amazing research. It has truly been inspiring. I will be listening and referring to it frequently for many years.” Jeffrey Michael Bays, Sydney, Australia

So why am I having another sale of this 10-day film directing audio course? One of the bonuses you get when you purchase this course is a new version every year – with added pages, updated filmmaking resources and new video links.

I have just finished the updated 2009 Version of “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” and it is now 201 pages long and includes over 30 downloadable PDF reports, over 65 links to videos you can watch and over 600 links to useful reference websites.

“Now this is what I call customer “DELIGHT”. Thank you so much for the updated version. I know any input from you side is worth a film school.” Amar, India

For 3 days only, from Tuesday, Feb 17 to Thursday, Feb 19. I’m offering you this 2009 updated version of “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” at the reduced price of $17.00.

On Friday, February 20, “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar” will increase to it’s new price of $47.00.

Please check out all the details about the “The Art and Craft of the Director Audio Seminar,” including the content list, audio files, support materials and free bonuses.

“Just got your download. The course looks stunning, well-laid out, highly referenced and very organized. The combination of visual, audio and text is elaborately comprehensive. I look forward to getting into it. Directing my second feature this spring, so the inspiration is welcome.” Verne Varona, New York, New York

All the best


P.S. If you have ever read any of my ezine articles or blog posts, you know that I have a mission to make my film knowledge available to as many filmmakers around the world as possible – and this 3-day special deal is just another way I can share the skills and tools I have learned over the past 35 years in the film and TV business.

So check out this 201 page multi-media eBook full of insider film directing tips and tools supported by over 650 film making links, videos and mp3 audio files you can download onto your computer. (Instant Download, No CD’s, no DVD’s, no Shipping!)

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