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“Fools For Love!” Vancouver Bouffons do classic love scenes, poems, songs and more…February 13

You may be wondering what a Bouffon show has to do with film directing? Well…it’s about actors and performance and theatre and those certainly qualify. Right? Also, my partner, Trilby Jeeves (Buffooneryworkshops.com) is producing and directing this event to showcase the talent of her creative and fearless buffoons.


On Friday, February 13th, (just in time for Valentines Day) the Bouffons of Vancouver will be let loose for the first time in public to give a performance of the original (really off, off Broadway) production of “Fools For Love…Bouffons Do Classic Love Scenes.”

Don’t miss this pre-Valentine’s Extravaganza – a first for Vancouver! Classic Love Scenes (Romeo & Juliet, A Street Car Named Desire), Poems, and Songs (My Funny Valentine, When the Moon Hits Your Eye) and more, by our gang of fearless bouffons!

WHERE: The Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Avenue (@Cordova), Vancouver, BC, Canada
WHEN: Doors open at 7:00 pm for the pre-show display – Showtime is at 8:00
WHAT: Bouffon Show, preview of the art show “The Big Heart”, cash bar, Valentine cookies, live music, dancing and guaranteed laughs!
DRAW: Two people will win a free 2 Day Buffoonery Intensive
COST: Pay What You Can (proceeds go to space rental) Come early as seating is limited

What is a BOUFFON?

People think it is a clown. But, clowns mostly seek approval from their audience. Bouffons don’t give a s..t and that’s where the fun begins!

Based on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq of Paris, “Le Bouffon” is an exploration of the ironies, and absurdities of human existence. “Le Bouffon” comes from another world, perhaps the inner world of the planet.

Its distorted appearance liberates its character to mock, imitate, and laugh at the rituals of the human being – and get away with it! Its opinion is made clear through large, exaggerated gestures. Mimicry is his ultimate pleasure & there is no limit to the expressions of “Le Bouffon.”

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