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12 Film Editing Transitions


1. cut (a straight transition to a new shot)

2. wipe (a gradual transition to a new scene)

3. dissolve (a gradual double exposure transition from one image to another)

4. fade in/fade out ( a gradual increase or decrease in picture brightness)

5. focus in/focus out (a transition shot using focus)

6. match cut (when two camera shots are linked visually – the foreground is the same but the background changes)

7. freeze frame (a shot that gives the illusion of a still photograph)

8. split screen (a visible division of the screen used to combine two or more actions filmed separately)

9. slow motion (time has been slowed down)

10. fast motion (time is speeded up)

11. jump cuts (the middle section of a shot is removed to create a jump in time)

12. cross-cutting (suggests that actions are occurring at the same time)

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