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10 Script Analysis Tips for Director’s – Part Two

11. always know where you are going (in the story)

12. take the main question and translate throughout the film

13. get inside the character (create a world under the text)

14. never take anything in the script for granted (answer all questions)

15. keep hold of the event through all re-writes

16. know your subtext (the story under the story)

17. get to the points which hold the spectator

18. script is broken down into a series of objectives (never lose sight)

19. every beat has a sense of truth to it

20. reduce complexities to the simple (KISS)

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  • Nairobian September 2, 2008, 3:10 AM

    you are selfless in your love and desire to share information.many of us are indebted to people like you! thanks