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10 Script Analysis Tips for Director’s – Part One

Your script breakdown will be a never-ending process. Each time you read the script, you find out something different about the story or the characters.

The script will constantly evolve. It will change because of the your creative notes – writer changes – actor changes – producer changes – network changes – location availability and on and on and on…

As long as you know what the story is about and where the story is going, you can adjust to all the changes. Remember – Prep time is a ” process of discovery” for a director.

1. work with the script and tailor it to your view

2. be absorbed in the story

3. understand story structure (the 5W’s / H)

4. find out what is really going on

5. are the characters clear?

6. what first got your attention?

7. understand story structure (any weakness in script will show up when shooting)

8. what do YOU want to say?

9. what are YOUR themes?

10. what is your STYLE?

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