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Film Directors and the Symbolic Meanings of Color

Understanding the symbolic meaning and theories of colors is an important part of a film director’s job because colors can be used to express feelings and emotions and represent certain qualities of a character

1. FOR CHARACTERS who interact with their physical environment: (red, orange, magenta)

2. FOR CHARACTERS whose sensations are triggered by their physical bodies (yellow, physical tan)

3. FOR CHARACTERS who think about the world and their place in it (mental tan, green, nurturing tan, loving tan)

4. FOR CHARACTERS who live in a world where the uncertainties of life (hopes, wishes, dreams) are more important than the physical (emotions, feelings) (blue, violet, lavender, crystal, indigo)

5. FOR CHARACTERS with good physical, mental, emotional health (CLEAR, BRIGHT COLOURS – orange, yellow, red, light green, light blue)

6. FOR CHARACTERS with depression, anger, self-pity (MUDDY COLOURS – brown, black, dark green, dark blue)

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