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The Film Director’s Visual Style

The director’s visual style (concept) is how you create the image structure and style of the film

1. what is the PRIMORDIAL IMAGE (one main image used to take the audience into this story world) (think of the images in “Blade Runner”)

2. devise a DRAMATIC METAPHOR (motifs, symbols) with the Producer, DOP and Production Designer

3. when you repeat a motif it becomes a style and it runs through the entire film (you decide if you want it subtle or on the nose)

4. decide on what the audience is going to see (since you decide where to place the camera, you also decide what the audience is going to see – or not see)

5. what is the pacing and mood of the story (fast or slow, dark and moody or light and fun)

6. what is the color of the story (this affects sets and costumes)

7. what dialogue is the most important to be heard (know your story points)

8. what is the RHYTHM of the story/scene/act (think of music and graph out the rhythm of each scene so you can see what it looks like. Every scene should have peaks and lows.)

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  • Emeka Anozie April 21, 2016, 7:27 AM

    Insightful and helpful!