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Directing the Subworld of a Script – Part Two

A film director uses the following steps to help create the Subworld of the script:

7. everyone has secret lives and fantasies (what are yours – what are they for your characters)8. what are the central MOTIFS / IMAGES / SYMBOLS (these help create an IMAGE PATTERN that is repeated throughout the film and they become your visual concept or style)

9. find the quality sensation the audience can feel (what emotion do you want the audience to feel in a scene, then find ways in that scene to achieve it)

10. develop the subtext to make it believable (what do your characters really want – this can be done through dialogue and certain mannerisms and looks)

11. understand your characters’ behavior (what are their motives in every scene – this will effect their actions and what they do as a result)

12. use counterpoint to create multi-dimensional characters (unless a person is certifiably insane, every one of us has the capacity to love one person deeply, and at the same time, hate another person or group just as passionately)

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