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Script Analysis – 10 Script Structural Elements

Here is a list of some other elements you need to look for during your script and scene breakdown process:

1. CAUSE and EFFECT (an action – and then a reaction)

2. COUNTERPOINT (a bad guy grows flowers/a funeral on a sunny day)

3. SCENE TRANSITIONS (the shots and cuts that take us from one scene into another)

4. FORESHADOWING (visual image or dialogue of things to come later in the story)

5. PAY OFF (a moment that “pays off” the audience from an earlier scene or action)

6. RECURRING MOTIFS (images, sounds, music, dialogue)

7. REPETITION (repeated ideas, patterns, images, themes or words)

8. CONTRAST (show the difference)

9. OBLIGATORY SCENE (the result of a story theme or issue is now seen)

10. CONFRONTATION SCENE (the scene where two characters on a collision course decide their fates)
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