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The Director’s Script Review – Scene Analysis

Once you have an understanding of what the story is about, you then need to analyze each individual scene in the script. You will use many of the same script analysis points, but now they are specifically designed for each scene

1. what is the INTENT of the scene? (what is the scene used for dramatically)

2. what are the MAIN ELEMENTS of the scene (points to get across to the audience)?

3. what are the PLOT POINTS? (points that move the story forward)

4. what is the CLIMAX of each scene? (what is the turning point)

5. what is the RESOLUTION? (how is the theme resolved)

6. what is the CONCLUSION? (how does the scene end)

7. what are the MAJOR POINTS OF ACTION (graph them out)?

8. what are the important LINES OF DIALOGUE? (contain story points)

9. which character CONTROLS the scene? (who pushes the story forward)

10. what are the SCRIPT BEATS (where does the story change directions)

TIP: If you know the intent of a scene and the story points of the scene you can then properly deal with actors who want to change their dialogue (as long as the dialogue change doesn’t alter the intent of the scene or the character)

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