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The Film Director’s Script Read Through – First Impressions

1. When you first get a script, the first thing you should do is read the entire script through once without making any notes. This is important because it lets you find out what the story is about and what happens to the characters.

2. Read the script over several more times

a. this begins the process of understanding the characters and the events of the script

b. you start to feel things and see things about the characters

c. this process gives you ideas for backstory and subtext

d. anytime you find a line of dialogue or an action that is confusing or doesn’t make sense, make a note of it.

3. Find the facts behind the words. Always look for the fact or the reality behind a line (what does it REALLY mean)

NOTE: If something doesn’t make sense when you read the script, it won’t make sense when you shoot it. Which means it won’t make sense to the audience when they see the finished film either (and this is bad!)

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