Do you need to go to Film School to make independent films?

by Peter D. Marshall

This article is from Sam Longoria Filmmaking Blog.

Anthony Watkins is an accomplished filmmaker from Mount Vernon, Washington, who attended film school in Vancouver, BC. That required Anthony, a U.S. citizen, to commute for hours every day, over the US/Canada border. The distance didn’t bother him, for Anthony knew he’d only be doing it a short while.

“It was a good film school, but I only went there long enough to learn how to operate a movie camera, and light a movie set. As soon as I learned that, I was done with film school. After I quit, I started raising money, and then I started shooting my own feature movie.”

How has it worked out for him? Anthony has completed two feature films, “Counseling Day” and “Mall Robbers.” Both movies are feature-length, shot on film, and they premiered in Anthony’s hometown movie theatre, complete with tuxedoes and limousines.” Read rest of article here.

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