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Here’s an excellent feel-good story: “Autistic Boy Writes Movie Script”

This article is from First Coast News.

An 11-year-old boy from St. Augustine has autism, but that is not stopping him.

Keaton Bicknell told First Coast News, “I would like to set the world record for becoming the world’s youngest screen writer.”

He’s serious about it too.

Keaton loves the Pelican Pete children’s books written by Frances Keiser and illustrated by her husband, Hugh. They also live in St. Augustine on Crescent Beach.

Keaton has written a movie script for the stories of Pelican Pete.

At the dining room table in the author’s home this past September, Keaton presented his idea to the Keiser’s about the Pelican Pete film. Part of it would be live action; part of it would be animation.

Frances Keiser said, “We think it’s just fabulous. Everybody is just so excited about it and there are just so many people that have come together to make Keaton’s dream come true.” Read rest of article here.

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