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Script – The Classic Three Act Structure

When you think of the classic three act structure of any script, think of the movie “Star Wars.” (George Lucas used Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” as his Story Structure Paradigm)

ACT ONE (Set Up/Separation)
(Boy meets girl)

1. Question – who is the main character?
2. Question – what is the premise or theme?
3. Question – what is the situation? (story)
4. Question – what are the main character’s needs and goals?

ACT TWO (Confrontation/Initiation)
(Boy loses girl & fights against impossible odds to get her back)

1. Question – what is the dramatic action (obstacles)?

ACT THREE (Resolution/Return)
(Boy gets girl)

1. Question – how does the story end (what is the solution)?
2. Question – what happens to the main character?
3. Question – what happens to the other characters?

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