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What is Expected of a Film Director?

Directing a film is not only about visually interpreting the screenplay and creatively handling actors, it also includes the ability to complete a day’s work on time and on schedule.

Like any artist, a good director understands the necessity of working from the “inside out.” In other words, a good director needs to work on him/herself first so they can develop the artistic, logistic and emotional skills that will enable them to better see and hear “the truth” in their work.

To be a good film director, you also need to know the creative and technical filmmaking skills that are expected of you when you begin pre-production; when you step on the set; and when you are in the editing room.

Ultimately, I believe the Director’s main job is to empower their cast and crew to work creatively and collaboratively with one firm goal in mind: to make the best film they can within the budget and time they have.

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