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Very Independent Filmmaking….Nobody knows anything…and thats a good thing.

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.


So let me set this up a little…

I have made a lot of short films. Sixty or so in fact, at last count.

A lot of them I have written, produced and directed myself, which is good.

But I have not worked on any feature length films…until now.

I was hired as production manager on a very low budget indie film shooting in New Mexico.

If you google production manager, like I did when I was offered the job, wikipedia describes the job as “ the person responsible for the administration of a feature film,” which sounds very, very vague.

While I have been in charge of everything all at the same time, it was a first for me to be in charge of just one part of film production and not every part…. and honestly it was sometimes very difficult to balance what I wanted to get involved with with what I was tasked to be involved with.

I’m not a megalomaniac, at least I don’t think I am, and my husband may well have a very different take on that particular subject. But letting go and standing back and not making endless suggestions was a more difficult task than I had anticipated and lesson well learned!

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