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So…You Want To Be an Episodic Television Director?


Want to know what it’s like to be a Television Series Director?

1. In TV, the Director is very much like a Guest Star (show up – work – leave)

2. The 1AD and the DOP run the set (the 1AD can tell you to cut shots)

3. The Director works for the Producers (who are probably the writers as well)

4. The Producers have the final say (on script, casting, wardrobe, locations, visual effects, stunts…)

5. You have about 8 days to shoot a 60 page script (which usually has too many scenes in it)

6. You have to shoot 8 – 10 pages a day (and forget about weather cover!)

7. The Producer gets the “final cut” (after your director cut, they do what they want anyway)

8. But of course you want to work as a TV Director (because there’s no life like it!)

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