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Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s What You Should Expect from Grassroots Marketers

by Erik Lokkesmoe.


If traditional movie marketing and advertising are becoming a car alarm in a mall parking lot — everyone hears the noise but no one pays any attention – what’s the solution? In the “most cluttered marketplace in history,” as best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin declared, unconventional (read: grassroots) marketing has the power and the potential to reach distracted audiences more efficiently and effectively than TV, radio, and billboard ads.

That’s been the hope, at least.

We’ve architected grassroots marketing campaigns for more than 100 movies, but a question hovers over each one: “how do we know that our work sold tickets?” Everyone assumes advance screenings and outreach, social and publicity works, but no one can say for sure. All we know is that we led the horse to water; we just can’t prove we made it drink.

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