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Shaping Africa Through Filmmaking

by Samuel Abulude & Solomon Nda-Isaiah.


In this report Samuel Abulude and Solomon Nda-Isaiah look at the art of film making as a veritable tool in shaping the ideas of the African people and ultimately, providing employment to multitudes of young people

Film making is an art and a science at the same time. The art thrives on passion on the part of the persons making the movie or documentary. Just like the art of telling a story is a gift and can be honed, movie making or film making comes as a gift and with adequate training and learning modern trends, it becomes mastered.

The movie industry in Africa has become a tool or a weapon in shaping the minds of young and old people, correcting vices. Though filmmaking and the art of script writing- transferring an ordinary story to plots and into motion pictures is a tool for entertaining the people, it could be used to educate and correct social vices like the Xenophobic vices partaken of by the black South Africans as advocated by a notable personality and filmmaker in the industry.

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