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Nick Kroll Talks Making ‘Adult Beginners,’ the Challenges Of Indie Filmmaking and the State Of Comedy,

by Ken Guidry.


Whether he’s playing Ruxin in “The League,” The Douche in “Parks and Recreation,” or any one of his numerous characters in “Kroll Show,” Nick Kroll really seems to have a gift when it comes to playing hilariously obnoxious characters. Surprisingly, however, in his first starring role in a feature film, Kroll has decided to tone down the crazy and play a character that’s a bit more down to earth. That film would be “Adult Beginners” (our review), which also stars Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, and Joel McHale. Nick Kroll plays Jake, a hotshot entrepreneur whose company’s big launch fails miserably, forcing him to get his life together with the help of his older sister, Justine (Byrne).

Kroll produced the film with the help of the Duplass Brothers and he came up with the story. And while “Adult Beginners” does bear some striking similarities to last year’s “The Skeleton Twins,” the movie manages to distinguish itself thanks to Kroll’s unique brand of humor. So, yes, this is a Nick Kroll film through and through. It’s his baby. This past week, he has proven how much he cares about this film as the comedian has decided to go on a Q&A tour, doing screenings in cities such as Boston, Austin, Chicago, New York City, and Seattle.

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