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Nollywood: A Primer

from TeleSurTV.


If, like me, you have been brought up on Hollywood or independent movies from more established and better-equipped film-making countries, and have never been to Africa, watching a Nigerian film for the first time requires an open mind. If a film is broken down into its constituent technical parts — acting, lighting, cinematography, writing, sound, sets, etc. — Nollywood films may only get one or two right in any given scene, which means they get a lot wrong: when the acting and background music work in a scene with no dialogue, the ensuing script and clunky camerawork get in the way; if the sound is good, the sets are awful.
But this is getting better with each new film and, with patience, you can grow not only to like Nollywood films, but get as embroiled in showbiz news and who’s who as you can with Hollywood. And, as a non-Nigerian, you’ll feel in charge of a precious secret (albeit a secret 20 million already know!).Read the rest of this article from TeleSurTV.

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