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Indie Filmmaking – Making Money vs Passion Projects



As filmmakers we all start out with grand ideas of making the next big hit at Sundance or becoming the new Tarantino, maybe even getting a studio offer. Some are in it for the art, some for the glory, others for the money. Or so they say.

The reality can be very different. We all need to get paid! I can’t pay my rent with pats on the back I’ve received at the latest round of Chapter Moviemaker in Cardiff, and my mobile phone contract provider doesn’t accept Facebook likes from my latest video posted as currency. It’s a shame really, but a reality.

So… we all need paying jobs in order to work in the industry. Or we work a regular day job and use our spare time for filmmaking. When you’re pulling in a wage from within, or the fringes of, the industry you tend to find you are afforded more opportunities and you make more connections. Actually working and earning money gives you a lot more credibility! “Hi, I’m a filmmaker”, you say, “Wow, what have you worked on?” they reply. Cue blank expressions from both. Awkward silence. You muster up… “Uh, nothing”. You have instantly lost the credibility and excitement that you earned only seconds earlier.

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