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Watch: That Famous ‘Jaws” Beach Scene, Shot by Shot by Shot

by Max Winter.


These days, a movie about an aggressive shark would have an uphill climb in theaters. The shark would have to have a special talent. Or “daddy issues.” Or, more likely, the menace would have to be a storm of sharks (‘Sharknado,’ anyone?). In the mid-1970s, though, one shark with sharp teeth and tremendous rage was enough to terrify audiences in the unforgettable milestone film ‘Jaws.’

That, and the masterful cinematography of Steven Spielberg. Proving with great exactitude and considerable energy and enthusiasm that the “close reading” of a film can be a fascinating activity, Julian Palmer of 1848 Media breaks down the infamous beach scene from ‘Jaws” here, tracing each shot, each movement, each line of dialogue, and in so doing, showing us why the scene–and the film–have had such a lasting effect on film history.

Watch this video from IndieWire.

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