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Making A Horror Film? These Six Steps Could Make YOU A Legend!

by Tony Ulysses Announces.


Hello horror fans, and… Wait a minute… TWO articles in ONE DAY?! Doesn’t this guy have a LIFE?! I’m Tony, and I’m here to appeal to all you future horror film makers who just so happened to stumble onto this article! As I say in every third article (give or take), I watch a TON of horror movies. And that means two things. First, I love horror above almost any other genre. I say “almost” because I consider exploitation to be its own genre, and NOTHING beats a good B-movie.

That’s a story for another time. Where were we? Oh yes, the second consequence of watching oodles of horror is the UNLIMITED supply of shit horror. We’ve all faced it down. The movie store’s options dwindle with every passing weekend, and you are trying desperately to justify renting that extremely low-budget, shot-on-shitteo, self-distributed piece of $1.75 trash in your hands, and because you’re so desperate for a fix, you do it.

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