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Indie Filmmakers, Fear and Procrastination



Every aspiring filmmaker on the planet thinks that they have a great idea, great script, a unique story and way of telling it that engages audiences. Otherwise – why would we bother? You must have belief in your own ability – right?

Well, yes and no. In order to give up everything and burn all other bridges to pursue a career as a filmmaker you need to have the minerals – to quote Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. But, as artists we’re insecure and often fragile. Sometimes we don’t want to let go of our little story, or let too many people hear about it for fear of ridicule or rejection. We tell ourselves it’s a great story and it’ll make a great film.

But…. Maybe it needs a little more work. Or perhaps… the time isn’t right. Or maybe I’m just too busy for it at this juncture in my career with all this other stuff I’ve got on, but it’s definitely something I want to do at some point. Definitely. Almost definitely. Probably if the time is right. I’m just kind of busy with this and that so its on the back burner right now. Oh that old thing? Yeah I’ve got a new project now. Sound familiar?

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