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A breakdown of camera department jobs on a film production.

This article is from the website misteridigital.com

The number of members in the film camera department depends on the kind of film being shot. Big-budget feature films usually have a larger crew than a low-budget film, TV commercial, or music video. It also depends on whether the production is union or non-union. The typical camera department usually consists of the following crew members:

Director of Photography (D.P.)
Camera Operator (C.O.)
First Assistant Cameraman (1st A.C.) (Focus Puller)
Second Assistant Cameraman (2nd A.C.) (Clapper/Loader)
Loader (optional position on larger multicamera productions)

This list is based on a union, big-budget feature film and includes only the basic crew positions. All of the following lists of camera department personnel responsibilities are based on a union, big-budget feature film. Each job is different, so not all of these jobs will be done on every show. Read rest of article here.

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