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Shooting The Oscars’ Most Centered Movie: The Precision Filmmaking Behind “Grand Budapest Hotel”

by Hugh Hart.


Wes Anderson’s go-to cinematographer Robert Yeoman has nearly 20 years of experience capturing painstakingly composed scenes for the famously meticulous director. But the duo’s work on The Grand Budapest Hotel took precision-tooled moviemaking to an entirely new level.

Nominated for nine Oscars including Best Cinematography and Best Picture, The Grand Budapest Hotel dazzles the senses like a “twelve-layer wedding cake,” as Matt Zoller Seitz puts it in his new picture book The Wes Anderson Collection: The Budapest Hotel.

Yeoman, who’s filmed every one of Anderson’s live-action features dating back to 1996’s Bottle Rocket, spoke to us from his Santa Monica home about how he used whip pans, tape measures and framing from the 1930s to shape the rigorously madcap world of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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