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How to be a filmmaker on a micro budget

by Alice Ross.

Miriam Rodriguiez

Selective Listening is the first feature film created by Producer and Met Film School Part-Time Producing graduate, Miriam Rodriguez plus Writer/Director/Partner Tim Prescott. Working on a micro budget the film was shot late last year premiering in October 2014.

The film tells the story of Harrison a man with a history of schizophrenia who is trying to have a normal life and make friends, whilst keeping the unpredictable voices he hears at bay. His solution is to assign his voices physical identities in the form of his childhood toys. This unusual tale has since gone on to win an award at the International Independent Film Festival in the USA.

We caught up with Miriam to find out more about how Selective Listening was made and learn more about what she had been up to post graduation.  Miriam shared with us some interesting insights on how to make a feature on a limited budget.

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