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Endless Indie Talent: Larry Laboe on NewFilmmakers Los Angeles

by Carlos Aguilar.


In spite of the great number of festivals and film-related events that concentrate their efforts on the endlessly creative city of Los Angeles, it seems like there is always a need for more platforms and spaces for filmmakers to showcase their work and develop their careers.  Being home to all of the major studios, numerous distribution companies, and non-profit organizations, the city is still the top destination for anyone trying to make a career in this volatile industry.

Taking into account this constant supply of new work and the lack of an equally constant place to show it, Larry Laboe decided to create the film festival/film organization, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, modeled after one by the same name in New York. Although the concept was essentially identical – a monthly film festival to showcase independent cinema- Laboe knew that an industry component was required to make of this new venture a success. Within a few years, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles has grown to become a unique vehicle for artists to launch their careers, connect with crucial support, and exchange ideas with each other and with audiences.

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