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Paul Schrader On Piracy, Television and a New Age in Filmmaking

by Agustin Mango.


“This film you see here was taken from me,” said writer and director Paul Schrader on Tuesday in his Master Class at the Mar del Plata film festival, where he is sitting as a jury member in the International Competition.

Schrader was pointing to a poster for his upcoming film Dying of the Light, hanging from the conference table. It featured the director and stars Nicolas Cage and Anton Yelchin, all wearing the “non-disparagement” t-shirts he’d used to stage a silent protest on Facebook earlier in the year, claiming that the version of Light scheduled for a VOD release wasn’t his own.

“That’s the one subject I can’t answer questions about,” warned Schrader, who was asked about what did he feel about an industry that has all the guns available to prevent filmmakers from talking about their films.

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