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‘Casablanca’: The most loved film ever

by Sandipan Deb.


Exactly 72 years ago, on 27 November 1942, a film premiered in New York City: Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart (an American) and Ingrid Bergman (a Swede), Paul Henreid (an Austrian) and Claude Rains (a Brit). It was directed by Michael Curtiz (a Hungarian).

Casablanca is arguably the most loved Hollywood film of all time. Though not a superhit by any standards when it was released, its fame and following grew over the years and just kept growing. By 1977, it was the most frequently broadcast film on American television. In fact, it was said (only half in jest) that whenever a television programming executive had a problem about filling up some empty time on his channel, all he had to do was to show Casablanca and the TRPs would be taken care of. In the early 80s, it was claimed that the film was on some US TV channel or the other every day of the year!

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