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Paul Schrader Is Optimistic About Movies, Pessimistic About the Future of Humanity

by Courtney Duckworth.


Paul Schrader cuts to the chase: “Before you ask any questions, let me tell you the answers.” The 68-year-old director and screenwriter is busy. For the Monya Rowe Gallery in Lower Manhattan he has curated an exhibition called “Absent Friends,” which is running until January.

He is keeping a loud kind of quiet about his new movie Dying of the Light—which is not really his, at least not creatively: The producers re-edited the film and Schrader, along with cast members Nicolas Cage and Anton Yelchin and executive producer Nicolas Winding Refn, took to wearing T-shirts featuring their “non-disparagement” agreement in silent protest. Schrader also has a Web series that will likely start shooting in the spring, inspired by the episodic storytelling of La Dolce Vita.

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