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UnderWire: Supporting Women Filmmakers

by Gabriella Apicella.


On Tuesday 11 November, the fifth UnderWire Festival will open at The Yard in Hackney Wick. Founded by Gemma Mitchell and myself in 2010 with the aim to foreground female filmmaking talent, the opening night’s screenings are always of the XX Award Category. Unique to UnderWire, films selected for this award are of women’s stories and feature female characters at their core.

Remembering the mixture of despair and cynical amusement at the hoard of PVC-clad, gun-wielding dominatrix characters vying (unsuccessfully) for selection on the shortlist in the first year, submissions are now filled with the golden roles we need more of from the mainstream! Opening Night always creates a joyous atmosphere on which to begin this celebration of vital and original female voices making themselves heard in the UK film industry. Film after film presents women who are rarely shown, stories barely told, and views scarcely known: the night energises everyone present, and sets the tone for the week ahead perfectly!

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