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How Passion Can Ruin A Filmmaker’s Career

by Elliott Grove.


Call it the paradox of filmmaking: The very thing it takes to make movies often ends up destroying filmmakers and their careers.

I started Raindance in 1992 when many of the filmmakers submitting to this year’s film festival were still in nappies.There is a consistent theme amongst the approximately 100,000 filmmakers who have submitted films to Raindance since then: Passion.

Filmmakers believe in their projects so strongly that they throw caution to the wind – they leave secure, full-time jobs and risk their life’s savings to fulfill their dreams.

It gets worse. They have such an infectious enthusiasm and positive drive for their projects that they convince everyone they know to say ‘hell with it’ and throw their lot into the ring as well.

This is all the positive side.

Another theme I have seen is how this positive drive can blinker filmmakers. They become so convinced of the correctness of their ideas that they become overconfident. Then they start making a series of bad choices at the worst possible times, which ultimately dooms their film, and their career.

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