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Filmmaking in virtual reality

by Clyde DeSouza.


They say you shouldn’t hijack the head-tracking data stream of the Oculus Rift; visuals should not be separated from the human vestibular system…but rules were meant to be broken. Why? Because there’s so much more to VR than gaming.

This is not to say games aren’t becoming movies! I found myself strangely immersed in Naughty Dog’s “Last of Us”, more than any tent-pole movie I’ve seen in the past few months. Such is the power of CG movies, uncanny valley be damned.

Defining a language for 360 degree look-around movies: You know how it all began oh so long ago (OK, four years ago) when the language of film-making was being defined / re-written for S3D. Well, time for a re-write again. Immersive 360 film-making is set to explode; geared for an audience of teens to mid-forties – at least at the start, and telling stories in this medium is quite a different skill-set to master.

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