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VIDEO: Top 10 indigenous films of all time

by Jesse Wente.


First of all, let me say that lists of the top ten anything — while not without value in reducing topics to easily debated clickbait — are a pain when you’re the one making the list.

When agreeing to this assignment I understood that the making of such a list would necessitate leaving films and perhaps more importantly, filmmakers, that I love off the list, but knowing that has not made it easier.

Here are 10 (technically 11, but whatever) amazing films that are a great starting point for a journey into indigenous cinema history, but it is, of course far from complete.

Indigenous cinema, at least in its contemporary form, is only 40 years old, and the fact that there are films to be left off a list like this is testament to its rapid development and to the artists who have taken up the camera to tell our stories.

Read the rest of this article from CBC.

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