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10 documentaries about fantastically failed or flawed attempts to make a movie

by Dom Sinacola.

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Filmmaking isn’t for the fainthearted—just ask Martin Sheen, who suffered a massive coronary episode on the set of Apocalypse Now.

Yep, art is hard. This is no great revelation, of course, because millions of dollars back even the smallest “independent” features nowadays, and an entire international, billion-dollar business is behind the idea that one can’t go at this thing—this glamorous, artistically sought after thing—alone. This likely explains why the filmmakers around whom the greatest production stories evolve are those with egos and personalities as outsized as the films they struggle to make. Either that, or some artists are just doomed to be on the bad side of even worse luck.

Regardless, the stories behind these fabled films—both those that saw the dimmed lights of a theater and those that went unmade—are so ripe for exploration because they are the stories of artistic ambition made flesh. These are stories not only about the people who go to any lengths to satisfy their ineffable creative urges, but about the dirty backside of such idealistic goals. Every artist likes to say that he or she stands behind the tenet that “the ends justify the means,” but deep down, every one of us knows a line must be drawn between the purpose a piece of art serves and the sacrifices incurred in serving that purpose.

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