Independent Filmmaking – Can I? should I? Am I good enough?

by Peter D. Marshall

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated?

You are not alone…

This is the beginning of the season of awards, fall film festivals and lots and lots of screenings.

Living in LA we are surrounded by the movie business, and that can be intimidating for very independent filmmakers because, well, everyone is bigger than you.

Or at least that is how it seems at times.

But remember, everyone who lives in a big house, drives a big car and seems to know what they are doing certainly didn’t begin that way. And they still have mortgages and car loans and self-doubt.

So look at the plethora of film makers, venues, screenings, festivals and the like as a good thing.

Go to these events, watch whatever you can, and truly absorb the art of it, because, as very independent filmmakers, the business side of things can be a bit intimidating and ultimately, if you do ever get some actually money to make something, there will be someone else in charge of that stuff anyway.

You don’t need to know everything about everything.

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