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On Thin Ice: Making a Low Budget Film

by Gary Collinson.


For any aspiring writer, director, actor, or whichever field in film you happen to have aspirations in, a commonality exists. The struggle to breakout. There will be days when you want to give up, or days when you feel like you’re getting close, only to have the wool pulled out from under your feet. Aside from my love of film criticism, and regular contributions to this great site, I have ambitions as a screenwriter.

I’ve come within sniffing distance a couple of times to selling feature scripts. As happens many times in this business though, the precariously perched money atop the tree sometimes snaps its branch and falls to oblivion. As a writer you tend to be on a branch lower than certain others so any stray falling cash is picked up long before you get your mitts on it.

For everyone making a film unable to fund the whole thing themselves, funding can sometimes seem certain, only for the investors to back out last minute, often causing a house of falling cards scenario. In the UK there’s not enough investment in film-making for film-makers. We now have avenues such as Kickstarter, but attaining what you need via that is easier said than done.

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