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A Call for Transparency: Filmmakers Need (and Deserve) to Know Their Audience

by Emily Best.


If we want to continue to have a thriving independent moving picture business we have to figure out how to build smart businesses that are also great films.

I host a “Women in Moving Pictures” salon at my apartment once a month. The first one was a small gathering to introduce my writer/director friend Rose to some female cinematographers. It has quickly grown in scope to a place we meet to dig into the challenges in our industry, not just as women (those challenges are many) but as independent creators trying to make a sustainable living.

I am a broken record in these sessions, insisting that the only way to circumvent an industry sluggish to keep up with changing demographics and consumer demands is to build a relationship directly with the consumer. I look around at the filmmakers in the room and I say, like I always do – connect directly with YOUR audience, meet them on the devices they prefer. You don’t need middlemen anymore!

And one filmmaker (whose wonderful film had limited theatrical release and is now on VOD) said to me: where are we supposed to get the information about where our audience is? How can we as filmmakers find that data?

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