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How to Capitalize on the Business Side of Festivals

by Sara Fenton.

Getting to picture lock on your indie film can feel like crossing a marathon’s finish line but it’s really only the halfway point. Getting it in front of an audience and navigating the film festival circuit are separate challenges.

“There are two parts to film,” Peter Belsito, co-founder of Sydneysbuzz, a blog that covers the international fim business, said during a recent event hosted by Film Independent, a non-profit arts organization that champions indie filmmaking. “There’s the creative process of making the film and then there’s the business of distributing the film.”

For many filmmakers and actors-turned-producers, the business side of their creative endeavors can be uncomfortable terrain. Still, proper research and planning can help alleviate that. For instance, it’s important to distinguish between film festivals and film markets. While some acquisitions and distribution deals happen at the more than 10,000 festivals around the world, the vast majority of transactions take place at a handful of film markets and trade-show style events for the film industry.

“Sundance in their biggest year had 30 deals and a lot of them were just representation deals,” Belsito said at the Sept. 30 event in Los Angeles.

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