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Oscars 2014: The long, expensive road to Academy Award glory and the tips for successful campaigning

by Tom Teodorczuk.


“I have to go to Washington to show the film to President Obama.” So said Leonardo DiCaprio 10 minutes after his arrival at a Wolf of Wall Street Oscar campaign lunch in a New York restaurant in December. As excuses go, it wasn’t bad. It’s not known what the President made of this epic folly of fiscal excess but it picked up five Academy Award nominations earlier this month. And news that the White House would be watching the much-debated film can’t have harmed its awards allure.

Welcome to the annual Oscars race: this year I’ve seen at close quarters the ways leading filmmakers and actors maximise their chances of glory. The consensus is that this year’s build-up has been the most interesting in years, with most awards still lacking an overwhelming favourite. But how did the main contenders get to be in the running? Here’s the lowdown on how to run a 21st century Oscar campaign.

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