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Filmmakers try to embrace virtual reality

by The Express Tribune.


A Tyrannosaurus Rex lumbers towards you, belts out a deafening roar and stomps overhead with the person experiencing these events through a virtual reality headset, turning around to see the beast walk away. The life-like run in with a prehistoric predator comes courtesy of the prototype Oculus Rift goggles, which give a glimpse of a future where movies will break out of the flat-screen format.

Virtual reality, which immerses viewers in the 360-degree world, has long been used in video games. The technology is gradually drawing top flight of Hollywood filmmakers and studios such as 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney Co. It is expected to arrive in the consumer mass market within the next two years.

“Virtual reality can transport audiences into the middle of the movie landscape,” said Brendan Iribe, the chief executive of Oculus, which was acquired by Facebook Inc for $2 billion earlier this year. “In a decade or two, we are going to be at a point where watching things on 2D surfaces is going to feel pretty outdated,” he added.

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