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VIDEO: Learn How Joss Whedon Approaches Story, Writing & Directing in 10 Minutes

by Christopher Boone.


Long before Joss Whedon took the helm of The Avengers and steered the Marvel franchise to the second highest box office grossing film of all time, before Buffy and Firefly, he left his job at a video store to start his first writing gig on the sitcom Roseanne. That is where Joss Whedon learned his craft on the job.

Coming from a long line of television writers may have predisposed Joss Whedon to writing for television and film, but he didn’t realize his love for writing until after he graduated from college. Even then, Whedon admits that he had to figure out how screenwriting worked while he was already getting paid to do it.

Whedon explains in this first video from BAFTA’s On Filmmaking series how he approaches story ideas and how being a true romantic, and therefore a cynic, colors his work.

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